We Are Millennials

  Millennials (aka Generation Yers) are people born between 1980-1995. We will make up 75.3% of the U.S. population by 2025. Our dominating presence and behavior will define American life and culture in the next decade and beyond.


What We Do

Our platform is designed for Millennials to converse about the topics that matter to them. Whether it’s hot topics, world news, relationships, career goals–you name it, we are addressing it. Our guests will excite, enrage, engage, and educate you about several subjects.


What We Need From You

  We need you to join in on the discussion. As a guest, you along with 4-5 other Millennials will discuss a topic chosen by our peers. To provide non-biased, refreshing feedback to our audience, there will be a new panel of guests for each show. This gives everyone the opportunity to bring their

Last Season on Current-Situation

Baby Mothers | Baby Fathers: 16 Years Together, Still Not "Ready" For Marriage

Our guest explains why he is still not ready to jump the broom, even though he's been with his lady for 16 years, they have two kids, and own a home together.

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  • Single vs. Bad Relationship: Discussing Your Bad Relationship w/ Family & Friends
  • STDs: Has Your Partner Required Your STD Results Prior To Sexual Intercourse?
  • Is Higher Education Necessary?: A Grammy or A Job on Wall Street Isn't "The Best"
  • Define Cheating "Women's Edition": Should You Call the "Other Woman"?
  • Define Cheating "Men's Edition": All Men Are Dogs?
  • I Can't Live w/o My Phone: Cellphone Relationship Etiquette
  • Online Dating: Kiss. Marry. Kids.

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