Cameil is a Fitness Instructor from Brooklyn, NY. After working in the corporate fashion industry for several years, Cameil found her true passion in fitness. Her goal is to bridge the gap between people that love working out and the fashionista that loves to dress up and have a good time. She trains men, women, and children from ages 6-60. Some classes Cameil offers at her SealedClutch Sweat Studio in Brooklyn include Ass and Abs, Beachbody Blast, Kick. Punch. Sweat., and Stiletto Sweat Session, just to name a few.

On August 27, the Current-Situation team visited Cameil’s Crown Heights studio to learn more about SealedClutch and to take the infamous Kick. Punch. Sweat. class (which is awesome, btw!).

1. Why is this your passion?
After going thru a fitness journey of my own, I became empowered to train others! Eith my background being in the fashion industry, I love to marry the two and show women that you can be fun, fashionable, outgoing etc BUT you can also love working out!

2. How do you feel about today’s fitness industry?
I think there are a couple extremes being portrayed of this industry. Although the Interest in fitness has peaked over the last couple of years, so has the “image” of appearing healthy all while promoting surgery, weight loss teas, shapers, only wearing workout clothes for the look of it.

3. Who/What inspires you?
My clients inspire me on a daily basis. Seeing them find small milestones to accomplish or seeing their confidence build as they get closer and closer to their fitness goals while loving/hating my workouts lol

4. What makes you different from other Fitness Instructors?
My approach is a little different. I try to show people that fitness can be fun! But that doesn’t mean we won’t work hard! I try to personify my mission in that I am a busy women with a social life, I love dressing up and playing in make up. But I also love Burpees, I can hold myself in a plank, and I love HIIT style workouts. Which is almost a oxymoron to some people lol

5. What do you think 40-year-old Cameil will be doing?
Looking good. Feeling better. Lol

Still pushing the idea of fitness being relatable and fun. I would like to expand on my fitness business. I would love to be leading seminars, launching an app, traveling to train or have fitness events.

6. What advice would you give other Fitness Instructors?
Follow your dreams, BECOME CERTIFIED, and think outside the box. Working in a gym doesn’t have to be your ultimate goal.

7. What motivates you when the chips are down?
My goals, my girlfriend, my friends, and my clients.

8. What are your proudest accomplishments?
Opening my own fitness studio this year!

9. Do you have any hobbies?
Shopping, eating, and traveling!

10. If you weren’t a Fitness Instructor, what would you be doing?
I would probably still be working in the fashion industry doing visual merchandising management.

11. Anything coming up we should look out for?
Weekly fun classes being offered at my studio “SealedClutch Sweat Studio”

You can contact Cameil on Instagram, @sealedclutch | Facebook, SealedClutch | E-mail

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