Untitled design (2)We are always looking for talented, dedicated, creative Millennials to work with. Our goal is to build a well-rounded team of individuals that will grow with our organization. We will work together to build awareness, improve the brand, and steer this start-up company in the direction of success.

Social/Digital Media Intern (PAID):

The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for posting time-sensitive content and developing strategies that will increase brand awareness on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They will create an editorial calendar, engage with the audience, and be the voice of Current-Situation via social media.

Organize/Archive images & videos

Attend show tapings- take pictures, videos, & more for live coverage

Knowledge of: Web Design, Google Analytics, Blogging, Video Editing

Pursuing a Degree in PR, Marketing, Communications or a related field

Must be available on Wednesdays

Event Scouter:

The Event Scouter will keep the calendar updated with all Current-Situation’s upcoming discussions, meetings, and news. They will need to research and stay on top of the latest seminars, concerts, events, and freebies throughout NYC.


The Blogger will be responsible for blogging about topics of our choice. They may be responsible for creating a story for the upcoming discussions, Millennial Classics, and Throwbacks. If you have your own blog and you’re looking for more exposure, you are more than welcome to showcase your work on our platform.

We’re open to featuring a variety of work on our platform. We understand the need for more exposure and would be glad to highlight your skills and talents anyway we can.

If you are interested in joining the Current-Situation team but do not see your job skills listed, please send an e-mail specifying what you would like to do. It doesn’t matter what your skill or talent is, we are open to all inquiries. Just let us know what role you want to play, and we’ll go from there: work@current-situation.com