#currentsituation: Bullying is an issue way complex than a school phenomenon


No to 'bullying'

Recent news show that bullying is not only a complex phenomenon, but it is also part of adult life.
In other words:

"Supporters of President Donald Trump heckled and harassed Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) with repeated shouts of “traitor” on board a flight from Salt Lake City to Washington on Tuesday." - full article here.

What's more worrying: the fact that adults try to bully others or the fact that they set an example for the young? Although bullying in schools and at the workplace falls under the incidence of the law, generic bullying is looked over. 

This is the #currentsituation

#currentsituation: The peak of hypocrisy

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Agitators are only top hypocrites

The far left / anarchists / ANTIFA / neo-Marxists / communists have joined the looters. These organizations naturally associate with criminals causing chaos, destruction, robbery, theft all over the world. It is no coincidence that the biggest criminals worldwide are also organized in left-wing (ex) communist parties. 

These idiots and agitators need to be taught that you can't shout about racism, discrimination and other political correct issues while robbing shops, killing cops and setting fire to the cars of innocent people. 

You can't ask not to be discriminated against while agitating and committing crimes

America must teach a lesson to these rejects of society. The world must be on watch for such groups and their agenda. Red flags are common to Russia and China. And most importantly, law enforcement organizations must begin a serious investigation and arrest all those who contributed to this chaos or who sponsored ANTIFA, and all far-left or alt-right organizations.