#currentsituation On feelings and confusion

Feelings are confusion. That's quite a hazardous statement, but let's have a closer look at things.

Most of the people take pride in being rational beings, when actually they are nothing but bags overflowing with emotions. The fun part is that distinguishing between reasons and emotion becomes harder than we thought; and this occurs, of course, especially
in times when decisions should be drafted and put into action. We usually call this a clouded judgment.

The hardest part is that emotions get disguised so well, that we hardly recognize them as such, and we get easily fooled. Now, that's no novelty for anyone. The annoying part is that which I want to write about. The annoying part is that pure reason can be 'achieved' very rarely. Usually, we spiral between reason some temporary feeling, which can be either a pleasant or a disturbing feeling. Basically, we try to avoid pain and achieve happiness - which, simply put, is shifting from one feeling to another. This principle applies to pretty much every action we execute.

There are exceptions, of course, and these exceptions are dictated by reason, at least apparently. The weird part is, that even when we try to ignore the pleasure/pain principle, we're not ignoring it. We simply resort to a reason driven solution (which is temporary, and temporary can sometimes mean a lifetime) which will ultimately pay off in terms of relieving the pain (at least we hope it would work).

The funniest part, which serves as a conclusion, is that I felt very rational while writing all this stuff.