#currentsituation Freedom is now

'Too late' is the worst of all regrets. 

I mean, in fact, 'too late' means that now there is a different approach to what has been. Ergo, now I would do thinks differently. Wrong. What's done is done.

Obviously, if it's meant to be done, it's there and then. Later considerations only make you a weakling. The time is not then, nor is it tomorrow. Deal with it. Live in the now. That is freedom, the rest is memories, or, if you will, whatever the future might bring.

What's really important: don't dwell in the past. Ever. Don't live in the future either. This is old news, however, but always good to be remembered as a note to self.


#currentsituation: Freedom in a box

The worst trap of living in the future is the "possibilities' trap". 

When things are really coming across and there are lots of appealing options to choose from, one may find entangled in a web of possibility. Thus, meaning that making a decision can be delayed or even critically procrastinated until it is too late. 

So, in the undying words of master Yoda: do or do not, there is no try. 


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#currentsituation: Free decisions

       Thought of the day:

Any decision is just as good as any other decision, as long as one can accept the consequences and learn from the not so fortunate outcomes while cultivating the successful ones.


#currentsituation Patterns

We must create patterns that are irrespective of space (place) and time, and, of course, of any other exterior factors. 

When or patterns and external factors are intertwined, disrupting a factor means disrupting a pattern, ergo disrupting our very selves.

The patterns we create to function should be our very own, reflecting our real self, not any imagery we might create whilst being influenced by external stimuli. These, we should filter and selectively integrate in order to push us forward instead of holding us back.