#currentsituation Solitude vs. self

Solitude is a human's natural state. 
However, humans are social beings as well. 
Hence, one's inner conflicts.


Dark imagery of those forsaken clouds,
Form'd in my mind, vanquisheth any doubt.
That lovely voice chanteth my fevered soul
That sweetest smile alights my heaven's shore.
Those features - shading with ease Venus' charm
Reach through my skin, deep down within,
Onto my peaceful soul, turn'd from ice cold to warm,
Then hopelessly I'm lost in a charmed dream.
Alas! Doth sun's undying light grow dim?
For love, thy purest scent is all I breathe,
While through immortal lives I've gain'd my wit,
But when thy name fadeth, my life shalt cease.
           For beauty ne'er speaketh but by itself
           For 'tis her eternal naissance that createth my verse.