#currentsituation: Motivational - Thought of the day

You can never hit rock bottom. 

You have to be dead for that. As long as you're alive, there's always a second chance. Take it. There's no plan B, simply go forward! You are free! Build your life the way you want it. Just go for it and keep going!


#currentsituation The paradox defined

A definition for paradox: no matter what we choose, we regret not going the other way. 

When we can go past this, we'll be one step closer to personal freedom.


#currentsituation Loneliness

"How do you cure loneliness?"

"Cure? - it's not a disease, my dear friend. Can you cure yourself from you? Can you erase your mirror reflection?"

"Then, what do you suggest? To try and ignore my ache or maybe carry it hopelessly like a plague? I believe it will show."

"On the contrary: embrace your loneliness, turn it into solitude, make it your own, conceal it. Study it, learn from it. Make it part of your armour: only then those who matter will seek you. They will find you without you having to look for them." 

                     Gunnar McCraigh, "The Stone is my Mirror" 


#currentsituation: Thought of the day - Freedom is what you can make out of it

There is no backup in life. There is no plan B. There's only the self struggling to be. At times, we should stop and be thankful.