#currentsituation: Slave to the quote

In this current situation, mediocre individuals (to say the least) who use in their speech quotes attached to famous names get to feel really witty and inspired. 

So true, so fucking useless. First, those people they quote, may they be dead or alive, had real lives. During their real lives, they lived, worked, whatever, but more importantly, they thought. They were active individuals on the pensive front, and it's useful as well as respectful to quote their work. 

On the other hand, we have the huge mass of pseudo-intellectuals. People with the instinctive grain of understanding that if they relate to a smarter individual, they instantly become smarter themselves or get the appreciation of others. The worst kind are those who like to share significant amounts of quotes often attached to catchy images: yes, I am talking about the social media attention whore. They not only irritate me, they irritate the common sense as well. They're the new bulimic intelligentsia. Gulping up quotes of famous folks, regurgitating them in they tiny minds and spitting them out undigested for us, the meek, for guidance and illumination. They roam the Internet up and down full of useful advice and full of shit. Protected by search engines and other sources, they feel they KNOW and we, the others, don't. 

Originality is an ambiguous concept, especially these days, but it still exists. Instead of regurgitating fragments of wit, these people should get out there: get a life, do stuff, think, create, try to evolve.  But hey, this is so fucking complicated. It implies effort, it implies thinking for one's self, maybe some training and discipline. Maybe even some self-sacrifice. Self sacrifice, is there an app for that? 

What drove me to write all this is not the mere existence of this kind of people. It's their attitude, their so called helpful attitude that disguises the emptiness of their narrow minds, topped by the feeling of superiority, created by the belief that attaching their insignificant selves to some personality, they matter. Actually, they don't. And they call themselves free, free thinkers, open minded, hip and all that crap. Where's your freedom when you live someone else's life, even better, try to think their thoughts, where's the free will? Well hidden underneath a disgraceful display of mediocrity and lack of inspiration.

If anyone can show me one of these quote freaks who actually remembers so many quotes to live their life by, I'll become their humble servant. But I'm afraid this won't happen any time soon, for the simple fact that such a person is smart enough not to put up a show of ridicule and buffoonery.


#currentsituation: thought of the day

Figuring out what one doesn't want is a hell of a lot easier than figuring out what they want. #currentsituation