#currentsituation An act of self treason

Lying to ourselves is a lot easier than lying to the others; that's because another may argue, while we seldom argue with ourselves. Thus we can commit acts of self treason which can only lead us into bigger and bigger frustration. 

Yes, an act of self treason can only be born out of a frustration.

Let's be more specific on this subject. 
I say: "I wish to get away from everything for a month, no job, no problems, no other hassle."

The reason I wish to do so is the frustration that I feel trapped in this concrete reality. Fleeing away for a period of time might eliminate this frustration, setting me free. 

In case I only yearn for that getaway but never act upon it, the initial frustration would add up with the frustration of never achieving my goal, thus I had deceived myself. Besides the boundaries I perceived before (job, responsibility, etc.), I have set another limitation to my own freedom. Of course, this can go on forever, in smaller or larger increments.

There are two ways out:
1. set a goal that can be achieved and act upon decision without hesitation;
2. when in doubt, ask for a second opinion: an external observer might point you towards a viable solution.

Or may there be other solutions?



  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    pack & run & never look back?

  2. with a simple condition: if only running would erase the memories of what's left behind.