#currentsituation Running from one's self - argumentative: pro

They say you can run from things, but you can't run from yourself.True and false: I'll start arguing the 'pro' side:

One standing argument for running from yourself is the simultaneous perception of space and time. One cannot segregate a fact from space and time. Thus, when inducing physical distance would derive inducing an artificially increased period of time, and the other way around.

This is why when looking back, we say 'we've come a long way', as we've been measuring the distance while expressing time.

Another argument upholding the fact that one can run from oneself: simply because the human mind has the immense capability of obliterating grievous memories from our conscious memory, thus keeping the pleasant ones. The other would turn into unconscious frustrations, baggage, in all, if they're not voluntarily brought back to the conscious. This is where counselors come in, or you become a head case, that is.

So, how far away from yourselves are you?


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