#currentsituation On hAPPINESS

Happiness can be an extremely alienating state sometimes; and annoying, too, for the very same reason: you feel like you are complete. 

And there's nothing more wrong than that. For the simple reason that it never lasts. Point me out a single person who's been happy all along their life - there's no such person.

I'll never deny the pleasantry of happiness, after all, happiness is all we're after. However, what's most annoying about happiness is that fact that it takes away the life force. All is nice and shiny and there's no need to fight for anything. All creativity goes away and we start acting like retards, smelling flowers and writing stupid poems and going on about how beautiful life is. Suddenly there's no more need to strive for something important, to grow, to create, to act. Happiness resembles to a self induced lobotomy.

People who pretend they're happy piss me off in the worst way imaginable. They always bring out the worst in me. This,  only because of the fake face they put on and pretend they're happy for a while. When these people say they're happy, they make it sound like there's nothing else left to for them to live for. Like they've traveled across the worlds and done marvelous things and became gods. Yet they haven't' and they pretend to be happy. Usually, they live the life of slaves (most of them in golden cages), and find happiness in the most common and stupid ways; then they let the world know like it would really mean something.

People who have a say in this world are said to have known nothing but hardships. They spoke of happiness as of getting past obstacles, prevailing upon others and themselves. From this point of view, chopping off an ear seems pretty reasonable. Time out finished, time to become creative again. Time for freedom.


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