#currentsituation Another end of the world

So I went to this cafe where a band was playing a live show. Nothing fancy, but a rather cosy thing, like a quiet evening among friends.
As we sat there enjoying the drinks, the music, the soothing feeling that we belonged, something changed on the outside. At first, nobody was able to notice it. Emergency vehicles run all the time around the city. But then someone noticed a building across the street slowly crumbling and collapsing to a pile of rubble in an excruciating noise. And then the building next to it started swaying, and we all felt the concrete dance of the rubble.

The road has become a weird snake under the changing light. The people around me startled out the door, but there was no way to step outside of the cafe with all the flying debris and the sinking walkways.

As everybody started to panic, I asked James, the guitarist, to start playing. I had to insist, and he reluctantly picked up the instrument. His eyes, used to be so alive during the show, were now shot with fear and uncertainty. However, he timidly started on a song. As he struggled on, his mates accompanied him. Miraculously, the rest of us re-took our places at our tables and ignored the grinding that went on all around us.

As we looked out the windows, we could see the end chewing the city around the cafe. Strangely enough, the cafe remained untouched in the middle of this newborn chaos. They just kept playing and nothing would touch us as long as we were in here.

Then somebody outlined it in sheer surprise: don't stop playing man, music keeps us alive, music keeps us safe, it keeps us and our universe alive and it would keep us going on.


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