#currentsituation: You are not special

You are not special. From the minute you've been born, you've started on the path of the average person. 

Regardless of the environment you we born in, you were the average baby, one of the billions of babies born into this world.
You weren't special as a child. You grew up and learned your mother tongue and another million things just as any kid. You've been told you were special by your parents, that's true, but this is what all parents think of their children. Well, at least they should. I'm not discussing special cases here. This is a generic, not a special essay.

You grew up, went through nursery and kindergarten and school and high-school  You grew up to be a teenager. Here's when your own opinions started to count somehow. But being told by parents and teachers and friends that you were special wasn't quite the truth. You might have been
special to them because they thought so, for some reason. But you weren't special yourself. Just another human being growing up, learning, adapting, making mistakes. Average. Just like the rest. 
And then maybe you went to college and got a job. Or no college, but still found a job. A means of income, so you can try and stand on your feet. OK, so? Still not special. Not at all. A spouse, children? Stop bragging about how special they are. Maybe to you, but that's insignificant.

Here comes the sad part. You will never be special. Not in a million years. You may think that what you own makes you special. It doesn't. Owning a car makes you similar to everyone else driving a car. One of the many. Same thing with your clothes, your gadgets. Do you think that if you own a high end Apple device makes you special? Just the same as the other 10 million 'special' Apple user worldwide  Owning a house, a castle, an island - again, not special. And if you believe that all the above-said things make you who you are, you are way worse.
Beliefs and wit?  Come one, you couldn't have not noticed the books that have and are being published, they all contain people's ideas, creeds and visions. 

Of course, the loved ones still refer to you as their special person: offspring, spouse, friend, even enemy, but this is because they don't want to hurt you, not necessarily because they like you. Nobody likes you for who you are, but for what you are in the relationship with them.
Still not special. Nothing you can do or think can make you special. You are no more then a sum of your fears, just the same as everyone else, trying to get reasonably through life. Of course, you can be famous or unreasonably lucky, charmingly intelligent or maybe strikingly beautiful. Still not special.

And I'll  let you in on a little secret. No matter how many self improvement books you read or how many seminars attend or how many motivational speeches you hear, there's no way of unveiling 'the special person that you really are'.

If you think that you are special and deserve to be treated as such by life or your peers, take a better look at yourself and think again, because you can never be free until you realize you are not special.


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