#currentsituation: Freedom vs feelings

Snowy road at night

People have the innate nature of not being able to handle/realize their own feelings. 

By nature, humans are judgmental beings, attributing labels to things that cross their path: good, bad, right, wrong, nice, ugly. From an utilitarian point of view, this is the birth of raw morals: what is helpful is good, what is damaging is bad.

Freedom is to let go, to navigate the worlds as it is: the world is neither good, nor bad. It simply exists around people. What they make of it, on the other hand, is the world as they describe it, seen and filtered through their eyes and expectations. Freedom means to cope with the environment, work with it, adapt and evolve.

There is no such thing as good or bad freedom. Freedom does exists merely as an abstract concept. What it matters is how people relate to the surrounding environment as well to others, and, most of the times, is a matter of attitude.


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