#currentsituation: The tyranny of the majority on social media websites

Tyranny of the majority on social media websites

Social media users, acting as a mob to inaugurate the tyranny of the masses

As of late, under conditions of increasing distress caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, social unrest was triggered on US soil by the death of George Floyd. 

The world witnessed chaos setting in during a week of protests, while the president elect babbled about blame and ominous weapons using social media accounts which polarized the country. Opinions are getting slammed in face of counterparts, instead of expressed. Words are used as weapons of blaming and shaming. Sides are being chosen and partisans throw everything at each other, including the kitchen sink. 

Amidst all this nonsense, I caught a headline - Krist Novoselic Deactivates Twitter After Trump Praise Backlash. (source)

I also read the ex-Nirvana bass player's post. The was expressing an opinion. That's it - opinion. As a result, he got charged by an army of users who not only disagreed with him, but bashed him until he decided to terminate his social media account.

This is not an isolated incident. Whenever someone post opinions out/contrary to the current trend, they get bashed in by other users trying to prove them wrong. The tyranny of the masses is gaining momentum by the day.

We are witnessing the tyranny of the majority on a global scale

Aren't you outspoken against racism?  We - the majority - know you are a racist.

Aren't you outspoken for a clean environment? We - the majority - know you are a scumbag who loves pollution.

Aren't you outspoken against violence? We - the majority - know you deserve to be punished.

The louder you scream, the better. Reason is gone, the argumentation is obsolete.

If you are not with us, you are against us. A new era has begun and we should adapt quickly. This is the #currentsituation

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