#currentsituation A lesson in freedom: expectations

Simple things bring pure bliss when considered accordingly and not turned into some stupid expectations charged with a thrust of misplaced emotions. That's because having expectations from others may prove to be the utmost act of egoism.  

Requesting without considering the requests is one of the most selfish acts once can impose on someone else. On the other hand, there's the completely altruistic act of offering without trying to bind, of giving without expecting payment, of sharing without implying reciprocity. 

The best thing is that emotions hyper accelerate strictly because the end is within reaching distance. When dwelling in a happy state and then suddenly confronted with the spectrum of discomfort, pain, suffering, we tend to go into an emotional overdrive. Cease the bloody happy moment, since we are certain that dire times are to follow. 

Ending's shadow projected on us create an intense wish to accelerate emotions: in both blissful and painful situations. If we're experiencing pleasure, contemplating the end of this state drives us into the frenzy of grabbing the best out of it. If it's wretchedness we're talking about, we accelerate by trying to speed up time (to end it) while burying the pain and recalling the pleasure.

In either of the cases 'carpe diem' appears to be the right action to be taken. The pure concept of 'ending' may bring up the conscience of being alive and able to choose, as in taking another step closer to achieving freedom. 


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