#currentsituation Freedom: purpose

Today I came across a nice caption regarding life's purpose: 'Some of the most interesting people I know don't know what to do with their lives'. #currentsituation

I find this quite intriguing as true at the same time, plus it spoke to me whereas I figure myself in the same situation (whether I am interesting or not, that is for others to decide).

The point is 'the purpose'. I am inclined to believe that it's the purpose that really shapes us, rather than the environment. Of course, the environment has its input on us, nevertheless, but I believe it's the purpose, may it be final or temporary, that really drives us in some direction.

I reckon this is why these folks look interesting: they explore alternatives, strong enough not to give in to a single paradigm, yet not powerful enough to really commit to anything. It's all about the perspective on change: instead of adapting to change, we live the change, we try and be the change, ultimately we bring the change. Unsettling as it is, I like to think it as evolution.


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