#currentsituation: Is freedom possible?

There are two things in life we can never re-conciliate:

First, everything is possible and there is no after-life punishment or even any kind of punishment in this life or any imagined after-life. Our mind is creating all the constructs of action-reaction and redemption, but physics laws do not apply here. Good deeds do not attract good rewards just the same as evil doers get no proper retribution. It's all a game of coincidence, a Russian roulette of the universe. There is no moral code in the universe, only the law of self preservation. This is what drives us, humans, to construct artificial principles and codes of conduct. This is how we limit our personal freedom ourselves.

Secondly, all human beings can only function properly within the bounds created by their own artificial constructs, such as social laws, moral laws, civil laws, personal laws, codes of conduct etc. All these derive from the ancient fear of annihilation, both physical or spiritual, although some are already subdued by some 'higher powers', but this is another discussion. Basically, these laws laid the foundation of punishment and redemption. They create a paradox, the freedom in a cage.

Hence, we live in a constant conflict with our inner nature which is that of an animal in its unaltered state. Education and other constructs we acquire throughout our psychological development pose a direct opposition to our inner nature. Usually, education prevails and we act accordingly to some laws (moral, just, humane), when in fact we would do exactly the opposite if we didn't fear some sort of a punishment.
The day we are able to accept this without creating an inner conflict is the day we may accept real freedom.


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